About us

About Taste Of Northern China

Taste of Northern China is a modern Chinese restaurant with a culinary focus on China’s northern regions. Our menus are designed to be shared and enjoyed the Northern Chinese cuisine in Australia.

Taste of Northern China presents a true hallmark of authentic Chinese cuisine. The Master Chefs are amongst the best in business and tender a menu to match a lavish spread of chicken, fish, prawn, crab, duck, lamb, pork etc.

Special attention has been given to the hospitality at the restaurant combining contemporary elegance, an intimate ambiance and an unparalleled service. Driven by our philosophy of incorporating world-class service with a deep respect for the highest quality produce Taste of Northern China offers modern Chinese food as it’s rarely been seen before in Australia.

Our Story

Taste of Northern China incorporated a few years back represents a true hallmark of authentic North Chinese food. Taste of Northern China showcases a modern take on culinary traditions from  China. Our dedicated chefs bring together a lavish match of both flavor and technique in all dishes prepared. The menu is inspired by premium and ethically sourced produce providing a balanced menu of generously portioned, modern Chinese dishes. Dining out can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, people visit Taste of Northern China for social gatherings, and especially to enjoy the flavor of authentic Chinese food. We serve authentic Chinese Cuisine with fresh and organic ingredients along with that we have takeaway menu. We give special attention to hospitality and customer’s requirement providing a comfortable, cozy ambiance and best service.